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Listener's Letter

It was the summer of 1980 when I moved from Tidewater, Virginia to manage Rhema Lake Campground, in Greenville, Virginia. This was a campground that had recently been purchased to become a Christian Facility.  I had previously been doing volunteer counseling with the 700 Club and employed as purchasing agent with Fishnet Ministries, but when my 17 year old son and I moved to Greenville we were unable to find a Christian station on my radio. I was lost!! Prior to our move, each room in the house contained a radio, (no T.V) and each was playing Christian broadcasts. We had "Room to Room" Christian radio, during all of my waking hours. There were at least four stations that we could dial, at any time of the day or night to hear praise to Our Lord.

Try as I may, station after station, it just wasn't there. I was certain that SOMETHING was wrong! As I mentioned this to several local people they agreed, that there WAS NO daily Christian programming, only some occasional Sunday services. We were LOST!!!

But, ALAS,--one day a friend called and asked me if I had heard the "GOOD NEWS"—a new station was about to bring what the whole area was so seriously missing—A CHRISTIAN RADIO STATION!! We were all so excited! Thank You, Lord for WNLR!!!

A few weeks later, some of us went to meet those wonderful voices. The building where the station was located was very humble. Perhaps it had been a two story home, we thought—but we were welcomed by an on-fire-for-the-Lord DJ., who was anxious to show us around.

Our Lord has since blessed the station with a new studio, a full staff of wonderful men and women, and what sounds like the BEST of the BEST in Christian broadcasting!

Thank you, Lord, and THANKS to all of the staff that makes our days start and end with JESUS!! Bless each one of you!!


Helen Turner
WNLR 1150AM Listener

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