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New Life Ministries is the parent 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization that owns and operates WNLR AM 1150, a local Christian Radio station serving the central Shenandoah Valley since 1981.


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WNLR - Becoming all Christian Talk and Teaching?!?!

For over 34 years, WNLR has broadcast a mix of Christian programming and music.  December of 2015, the Copyright Royalty Board, an arm of the U.S. Congress, passed new 2016 regulations that affected all radio stations that air and stream music.  In essence, the new regulations say that every station, small or large, must individually report every song that plays on the internet!  This needs to be done through SoundExchange, a licensing group that charges stations royalties to stream music.  Every song, every day, through the year.  Until this ruling, WNLR and other small broadcasters were able to pay for a waiver excluding us from the necessity to report every song to SoundExchange.  This waiver option has been eliminated in the new regulations.  To comply, we would need to buy a new computer and special software. That’s not too difficult…or is it?   Every single song from every CD (we have hundreds!) would need to be manually entered into this computer and monitored and a monthly report generated for SoundExchange, in addition to a $500 yearly fee.  After prayer and discussion, WNLR has decided to continue the transition to an all-talk format sooner than later.  Frankly, WNLR has only been airing music around 2 hours a day for the last several years anyway.  This move will save the ministry approximately $4500 yearly in licensing fees.  All the current programs will remain, and new Christian talk and teaching programs will be added to fill the space where music aired.  As always, thank you for your prayerful and financial support through the years, and for faithfully listening to WNLR on-air and on our stream at WNLR 1150.com.


Russ Whitesell


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